Throughout my blog posts I’ve referenced some of my favourite boat building books, a few readers have mentioned they can’t find the references again so I’ve decided to list some of my books on this permanent page. Going through my library I noticed I have even more books on sailing and adventures than boat building so I thought I would include those as well.


How To Build Glued Lapstrake Wooden Boats
By John Brooks & Ruth Ann Hill
Great book full of excellent tips for anyone building a modern lapstrake boat.

How To Build a Wooden Boat
David C. “Bud” McIntosh
This is more of a book on traditional boat building, but I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read it.

An illustrated guide to fine woodstrip construction
By Ted Moores.
This is the wood strippers bible

The Strip Built Kayak
By Nick Schade
This is the book I used for when I built my sea kayak. It’s very tattered and worn now, a testament to how useful a resource it is.


Wooden Boat Magazine
What more is there to say! If you dont subscribe you musnt be serious about building a boat.

Australian Amateur Boat Builder
Always a good tip or trick to be learnt in this mag and it’s local.

Classic Boat
Once again I mostly like the articles and tips on building

Water Craft
Not to bad a mag, though ridiculously expensive (from the UK) so I stopped buying it. I noticed the price has recently gone down so maybe I’ll buy it again.

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