Posted by: Mike Randall | July 8, 2013

Its a cover up!

under-cover-01The Vikki Bee has had a nasty silver tarpaulin as a cover for the last eighteen months. I have been diligently putting this on after each sail. My diligence has been worthwhile as the deck hasn’t greyed at all and everything else is still looking good but…



Fugly and annoying

I hated that cover it just looked all wrong on the boat and it was a pain to put on and take off, it had also begun to fray and was getting less and less waterproof. Due to the deteriorating condition of the tarpaulin I was finding more and more fresh rainwater in the bilge. This state of affairs had to be addressed!

So I bit the bullet and had a custom cover made that is waterproof and has the added benefit of fitting so snuggly you can tow the boat with the cover on. I think the picture tells the story. Under that cover is everything you need for a fun day or longer on the water. No more worrying about ropes, sails and gear flying out as you tow the boat, or the bilge filling up with rain water when she’s not in use.


Looking tidy now


It tows a treat

Closer to summer I’m going to get the guys who made the boat cover to do a boom tent for me. We did a lot more camping over the summer passed and once again the tarp I’ve been using for that job is just not in keeping with the rest of the boat. I’ll post what it looks like when its made



  1. Mike, Looks great and is exactly what I have in mind for my boat when she is complete. Thanks again for the blog I always come back to it for a bit of inspiration when I start to think that I am crazy for doing this:)

    • Hi Bill,

      Great to hear you’re building. What design did you decide on in the end StirVen, Jewell or Beniguet? Where are you upto

  2. Hi Mike,

    I actually somewhat caved and went with a Beg Meil. I just knew that with two small kids, being a navy officer I would never get a more serious boat in the water this mellenium. I am happy though, it will be a great project and will lead to bigger and better things. Right now I just got the full sized patterns and am going through the plans as that is all I have time for. I deploy soon so I am going to wait until I get back in Nov, which works anyways as I will have a good grasp on where to go. I am looking a the plans and wondering how they are adjusted for a laid deck, ie bulkheads lapstrakes etc, do you remember?

    How is the winter going down there?

  3. Hi Mike

    Just wanted to let you know – a bit belatedly – how interesting and inspiring I found this blog. I followed it avidly right through the build (almost) from the beginning. Your boat looks fantastic, and certainly this cover is what she deserves!

    Though I seriously thought I was going to make a Stir Ven, in the end I went for an Iain Oughtred design, but your blog was and still is a great inspiration nonetheless.

    If you’re interested, check out my blog Anyway, congratulations on your boat, and thanks for sharing for all these years, even with people you never knew were lurking!

  4. Hi, Mike, I’m a Spaniard building my own Stir Ven. Your blog is wonderfully helpful. I keep having a look here once and again. You’ve made a great job both with the boat and the blog. congratulations and thank you very much.

  5. Hi Mike
    Phillipe here. We met last weekend (18/6/16) at St Kilda marina. Thanks again for the tow after our motor konked out (the impeller disintegrated causing her to overheat and nearly sieze). Your Stir-ven is beautiful. Hey, just a thought about your cover: air flow through the hull is important when it is stored, though not as critical if all timber is epoxy coated including under paintwork: do you have vents or flaps to allow end to end airflow? It’s the vapour that causes probs as much as pooled water because the vapour is drawn in as surfaces cool. Air flow(even slight) will remove the vapour to prevent this.
    Anyhow, hope we can catch up again on the water next season. Cheers!

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