Posted by: Mike Randall | August 14, 2011


On a beautiful winter’s day on Port Phillip bay the Vikki Bee was launched. It was a huge success! Here are some photos and videos of this momentous occasion.


My wife the real Vicki B

The Champagne flowed

The Vikki Bee touches the water

She floats - there was never really any doubt!

Just needs a crew

I have no motor at the moment and I was a little apprehensive about how easy or difficult  the boat would be to row. I need not have worried as the boat rows ridiculously easily. I will get a motor eventually though not having one for the minute is certainly no hinderance to going sailing in the bay.

Easily pulled away from dock in a few minutes

Everyone had a row - as you do on a sunny day!

We set the jib first to help get a little further from shore. Then in about 10-12knots of breeze we set the main. The video footage says it all really.

She sails a treat

woo hoo! now we're sailing

A very happy skipper running with the breeze after a very successful maiden voyage

One crewmate not sure what all the fuss is about!

Lots more photos at this link

There you have it mikestirvenbuild is now the Vikki Bee. This is not the end, just the beginning really. Lots more footage and adventures to come.

Love my new boat!



  1. Congratulations with this last major step! It must feel good. I followed you’re blog throughout the build, though I only commentated once or twice. I really think you’ve done an fantastic job. The boat looks great! I wish you and your family many happy hours sailing her.

    • Hi Michiel,

      Thanks and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the journey. I will tell the real Vicki B she has followers in Holland! The B is for Boerema her family is from Amsterdam!


  2. What a fantastic achievement and a fabulous boat Mike. Even with this small amount of video footage, it’s clear what a good boat the Stir Ven is and I can’t wait till I finish building mine now.
    Here’s to many years of great sailing to you and your family


    • Stay with it Stan It’s well worth the effort


  3. Congratulations from France on what I believe is the most achieved Stir Ven build.
    You just set the bar very high for any amateur build to come.
    Best of winds to you and your crew.

  4. Well done Mike and crew!

    It’s been a pleasure following the build. To see the Vikki Bee on the water on such a lovely day is a treat for all of us watchers.

    Looking forward to seeing your adventures under sail and oar.


  5. Congratulations Mike. I have been pulling for you and got the news out on an overnight in my own Stir Ven. Wishing you joy.

    • Thanks Walt,

      You’ve been a great source of info and generous help.

      I’m looking forward to the weather warming up so we can do a few overnighters!

      You were right! it’s all worth it!

      Cheers Mike

  6. Excellent Mike……………..Like Grandad said……if you start a job- finish it- and do it properly!……………..beautiful job!………and………. so is your other Vicki!

    And now…….enjoy it.

  7. Congratulations! Ive been following your progress almost from the beginning. She is a beautiful boat.

  8. Gorgeous looking boat, congratulations! Hugh, Wellington.

  9. Let me throw my belated congratulation on to the heap, there, Mike! Awe-inspiring build, what a beauty!

    I divined from your other posts that you are quite an accomplished small boat sailor and competitor; I hope you’ll post a review of your SV’s sailing qualities under various conditions, once you get a good feel for her…

    Oh, and finally, are you taking orders?

    Well done indeed, mate. Fair winds.

    -David from Vancouver, Canada.

    • Thanks Dave,

      I’m almost ready to do a post or two on how the boat sails and my experiences to date. Just sold my house so that process took up quiet a bit of valuable sailing time. As a preview though a Stirven is a really good boat and sails beautifully. Franois certainly knows what he is doing.

      Stay tuned.

      Thanks Mike

  10. Hi Mike, I’m looking into embarking on a similar adventure with my Father. I was hoping that I could ask you a few questions about your Stir Ven build. Could I get your email?

  11. Hi Mike, I just discovered this blog and I am thinking very seriously about building a Stir Ven. I didn’t really pay any attention to the boat at the Vivier website, but I fell in love with your boat when I discovered your blog—you have built a very beautiful looking boat and she seems to sail incredibly well, too. I don’t know if you still check this blog, but I have looked around on the web for further instalments of your adventure without success. As with a previous post, I am particularly interested in hearing about your sailing experiences with this boat. Anyway, I hope all is ok with you and that we hear more positive things from you soon. Again well done and take care.

    Normally Bruny Island, but lately Switzerland.

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