Posted by: Mike Randall | August 7, 2011

And then… All of a sudden it was finished!

Two years and nine months since I first recieved my plans from François my Stir Ven is finished! Well as finished as these things ever really are. And yes all of a sudden there were no more lists of tasks to do, except the most important one the launch.

Here are some pics of the last things completed on my now finished to do list.

Thank god for the the forklift again

There was a fair bit of play between the centreboard and the cheeks inside the centreboard case. I didn’t want the centreboard rattling around within the case so I made some giant plastic spacing washers a few millimetres thick to create a neater fit.

You can see the spacers on the head of the centreboard

Snug as a bug and moves nice and freely with very little play

Stitching oars (sculling oar) – this from a man who has never darned a pair of socks. I’m clearly pretty chuffed with how this turned out.

Just like lacing up a pair of shoes.

Time for my Stir Ven to see the daylight.

I/we can see the light!

Looks good in the daylight

Rigged up ready for the water

I was a bit chicken to set up the main as well because the wind was swirling in the car park so I’ve held off for the minute and will wait till I launch, but I did fly the spinnaker just to see how it looks.

Balloon jib, reaching spinnaker, whatever… I like the retro horizontal stripe look

The rig has been easy to set up and control. All those white ropes though are still a bit confusing, hopefully I’ll get to know them all soon enough.

Weather pending… it is the middle of winter! I hope to launch next weekend then I’ll have truly finished this highly satisfying adventure.


  1. Congratualtions Mike, a beautiful piece of workmanship. You should (and are) be really pround of your acheivements.

    One request……….don’t stop the blogs. I think we all want to see and hear your thoughts on her sailing abilities. Likes and dilikes and all that and a review of the project after a few months of enjoying your finished boat.

    Thanks again

  2. Congratulations Mike, it’s a wonderful day for you and your family!
    The blue hull is beautiful under the sun.
    Now is the time of shipping, two-day cruises, picnic with friends, a wonderful time!
    Congratulations again and give us some news.


  3. congratulations Mike! I feel envious as I plod away in the cold wet Tasmanian winter at the start of my build. However, you have provided the inspiration to keep me going.
    I can imagine the big smile on your face and the even bigger one you’ll get when the wind first catches your sails.


  4. congratulation, Mike

    and thanks to you, for the very useful help that your blog is giving to my own effort (really there are some times when I cannot understand the drawings by Francois, so I can go on just by carefully watching your pictures)

    moreover, really interested about hearing your first sailing impressions

    my bests to you (and to your… which is the name?)

    errico orsi

  5. Congrats and well done! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following your build. You can rightfully feel proud of such a fine job. Can’t wait for the launch and christening: have you not picked a name yet? I don’t recall you ever mentioning one…

    I second the request for a detailed review of her sailing qualities, though I doubt she’ll let you down: she looks fast just sitting on the trailer

    Again, congratulations!

    David in Vancouver.

  6. Nice collar on the oar, by the way. I hadn’t noticed the sculling notch in the transom before today….! How long is the oar, and does this mean you will be doing without an engine? I’d have to look back through your blog, but it seems that there is no cutout on same transom for an outboard…


    • Hi Dave,

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the progress. Name to be revealed on Sunday when I launch!. Re the sculling oar its 3.3m long and I’ve got no idea how to use it!!

      There is a removable cut out in the transom for an outboard, bit hard to see in the pics. I’m a bit skinny on funds at the moment so an outboard is a month or two away, so in the meantime I’m going to discover how she rows and sculls, hopefully easily!

      Busting to put it in the water at the moment.

      I’ll post reports on how the boat performs, I always found it frustrating following online builds and then the builder neglected to post anything after the launch. Not me! I’ll be torturing everyone with my posts for a while yet!!

      Cheers Mike

      • The rig is great: the old-timey skinny little self-tacking jib and stripey reacher combo totally suits the boat. You never posted anything about sails: you just didn’t pull ’em outta your pockets one morning, right? Do tell.

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