Posted by: Mike Randall | June 18, 2011

Fit out frenzy

Struggling to put interesting posts together at the moment, not because I’ve been doing nothing, but the somethings I have been doing don’t make for exciting reporting or viewing – in my opinion!

I managed to convince my brother in law to help me paint the underfloor battens, a thankless task as no one will ever see them. We then did what seemed like a million coats of Deks Oljé on the cockpit floorboards and in between coats started drilling holes for the deck fittings.

This task has sent me slightly insane calculating the correct screw and bolt lengths as well as quantities etc. I seem to be forever going back to the chandlery to get yet another screw, bolt or washer!

The list that never seems quite right!

I’m also catching up on those little jobs that all take time, like making wooden cleats and a boom crutch.

I think the boom crutch goes something like this

Probably more like this - needs tweaking!

All my lovely paintwork is looking a bit like swiss cheese at the moment and no matter how careful I seem to be with my hole drilling I seem to always get a little bit of break out when the drill bit pops through the other side.

Swiss cheese - awaiting bolts

I’m not sure if this is overkill, but I’ve been putting a thin coat of epoxy on the inside of all the through holes, I’ve found pipe cleaners to be the perfect tool for this job.

Chainplates fitted, holes epoxied, and fitting bedded in decking compound…

Two hands are better than one when affixing deck fittings. Not sure if this one is the right way around!

I hope everything is in the right place

This business of drilling holes in perfectly good cabin fronts, decks and cockpit trim is very nerve wracking and I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Call me crazy but I’ve put a date on launch! I’m aiming for the weekend after July the 27th, my birthday – as good a reason as any, except maybe the fact that it will be the dead of winter here and very chilly for sailing.

I also have a name, a set of sails and some fancy cabin cushions all ready to go! I think I’ll reveal these on launch day! Before then though I have a bit of work to do and a few more posts to get me over the line.

Stay tuned

Cheers Mike


  1. Mike, probably too late by now but to avoid breakout, without a helper with block, drill a small hole through first then the correct size from both sides. Exciting this final bolting bits on isnt it.

    • Thanks for the drilling tip. I was doing just that where possible though In a few spots I couldn’t get at the hole from the other side even with a right angle chuck attachment! I also found the Jarrah would chip out from both sides no mater what I tried. Luckily most spots are covered by nuts and washers! Cheers Mike

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