Posted by: Mike Randall | May 29, 2011

Sometimes ya gotta go backwards to go forward!

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been… I’ve been painting, painting and I’m… still painting! It’s a bit hard to muster up any interesting progress pics for the blog during this process, but I’m going to torture you with a few anyway.

The bow piece was the first thing I made for the boat, a couple of years ago now (that sounds weird). I finally chopped and shaped it down to size.

Fitting bronze bow bit

Miles of blue masking tape have gone into paint preparation and then come off again. It is so satisfying to remove.

Miles of masking tape

Off it comes again

Starting to look like something

In the pic above you can see I’ve painted a white stripe on the top plank. I’ve seen this on a few pics of Stirvens and thought it looked good. I think it makes the top plank look narrower and generally seems a nice detail.

Stripe - since covered in masking tape again as I varnish the gunwale cap

To paint everything properly it seems best to pull everything apart, hence my title for this post.

Bits and bobs everywhere

My carefully assembled helmsman seat comes apart for varnishing

Last but certainly no least is the centre case cap. The circular angled lump to one end is the mount for the winch.

Centrecase cap

Those pics and the items I’ve covered are only a fraction of what I’ve been doing since the last post. I’ve also managed to order a trailer, order some sails, purchase more deck fittings, pull the cockpit floor up to paint the battens and begin oiling the boards. It all takes time and seems to be going at snails pace, but I can see it all coming together in a flurry of activity.

I’m getting closer!


  1. how exciting is that! The stem with that bronze fitting looks beautiful.

  2. Have you made by yourself that astonishing bronze fitting on the stem?
    Please, let me know more about.

    (by my own side, I’m painting the hull, dreaming the beer of the turning day – just the beer is the dream, the turning itself I fear would be real a nightmare…)

    errico orsi

    • Hi Errico,

      I cannot lay claim to making the stemhead fitting, this one was made by Classic Marine in the UK, they have made all the custom bronze fittings for my boat. They have been excellent to deal with.

      Don’t fear turning the hull! It’s a great milestone and not very hard. Bribe your friends with beer and you’ll have it done without incident in no time. In the meantime keep painting, each coat gets you a little closer!


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