Posted by: Mike Randall | February 5, 2011

Noah has nothing on me!

I knew I was building a boat for a reason, leisure & pleasure I thought. Seems the man upstairs has different plans! This was my street and home yesterday evening, needless to say there was not much boat building this weekend!

My daughter making the most of our street's new river status!

This is normally a metre wide by a few cm deep (it got worse than this pic)

Ten minutes later the water was upto the black stripe (I moved the car then!)

It was all fun till the furniture started floating around the house!

The living room is now the swimming room

Believe it or not two years ago almost to the day we had temperatures of 47 degress celsius and deadly bushfires! Now there are people riding surfboards down my street! I better hurry up and finish the boat so I’ll at least be able to get around in style.

More pics here

Did I also mention we got caught in the Queensland floods on our Xmas camping adventure!! Welcome to Australia!

Back to the boat. I have actually been getting a little bit done in amongst our summer of natural disasters. I glued the rub rail on and am in the process of glueing the gunwale cap. This is tricky to do by yourself so I think I’ll get my brother to help me finish it off.

I'm so glad I used some protective plastic a this point

This was one tricky beast to wrestle into place

There is a small fitting details in the gunwale cap where it meets the bow that requires you to know the shape of the kingplank, but how do you know the shape of the kingplank  without actually laying the deck? You can’t lay the deck till you’ve installed the gunwale cap… go figure!! The chicken or the egg. or maybe a flood!

The chicken and egg detail

The kingplank pattern

François sent me a plan of the kingplank which I enlarged and printed out to size. I then traced this on to the deck and plan to use it as my planking guide, well that’s the plan.

Once I get over the flood hump I hope to make some real progress on laying the deck,


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