Posted by: Mike Randall | November 3, 2010

All decked up

It’s all looking a bit fancy if I don’t say so myself. Over the last week or so I finished putting the deck on and started on the cuddy deck house. I’m either getting better at this boat building caper or the task wasn’t very hard. Either way it has been pretty quick and satisfying.

In my case this will be the sub deck as I’m going for the laid deck look. I’m contemplating two non teak materials for the laid deck – Vitex or Australian Beech, price will probably be the final decider!

I worked out the shapes and sizes for the sub deck using either MDF patterns or laying my ply directly onto the area to be covered then rough cutting the piece with a jigsaw then flush trimming with the router. You get such a satisfyingly accurate fit with this method people may suspect you know what you’re doing!!

Before all that though I had the messy task of filling all the buoyancy tanks with Polystyrene. I contemplated making a hot wire cutter for this job but figured I’d probably electrocute myself or burn the building down, so I went with the saw and surform mess making technique! I’m still finding bits of this stuff in my breakfast cereal, wallet underpants etc.

Polystyrene Mess

This is after I cleaned up!

Bow Buoyancy

Bow buoyancy tank is full

Aft buoyancy tanks – full

Aft buoyancy tanks – full

Fore deck glued down and buoyancy tank sealed – forever!

Side fore decks in place

Side fore decks in place

Rear deck motor cut out

Before I screwed the rear deck down I glued on a lip to support the motor cut out lid. Access is all a bit cramped back there so it was easier to do on the bench than in place.

Aft cock pit side decks – Starboard!

When putting all this decking on I had to be diligent in the clean up as epoxy would squeeze out onto my precious new interior paint job. In the beginning I was using a rag and Acetone! After gassing myself a few times with the fumes I switched to Vinegar – way more friendly and just as effective at removing uncured epoxy.

Aft cock pit side decks – Port

Wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of stainless screws on a public holiday while putting this bit of the deck on, so I reverted to chipboard screws dipped in Vaseline screwed through clamping blocks. These I will remove and replace with stainless screws. Vaseline being the trick here, epoxy will not stick to it. If only I’d done that when putting the sole on (see screw ups)

All decked up

I’m quiet keen to get the cuddy deck house built to finally get a complete overview of the whole boat. So as soon as that last bit of decking went on I started straight on to the side carlins and front face of the cuddy cabin.

No more need for patterns I just scribed the deck curve on to my bit of ply and got stuck into it with my jigsaw and pattern cutting router– Front face fitted like a glove!!

Scribing cuddy cabin front face

Clamped and in place

Shaping the side carlins

Next up I’ve got to make a jig to build the curved roof of the cuddy cabin. I’m quiet looking forward to that little challenge and the end result!

Stay tuned as it’s finally getting interesting – almost exciting!

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