Posted by: Mike Randall | September 10, 2010

We’re on a slow boat to… painting!

Just to prove that I’ve actually been doing something on the boat over the last month, I thought I’d better do a post on my painting progress.

What can I say… it’s a slow old business this painting caper. It goes something like this – sand, fill, sand, undercoat, fill, sand, undercoat, maybe one more fill and sand, first top coat, sand, finish coat! I’ve been doing this in sections starting with the lazarette and working my way forward.

Wouldn’t you know it though, the week I begin painting winter throws up a two week long cold snap making painting with a 2 pac epoxy undercoat extremely challenging. So I pitched a tent:

Temperature challenged tent


For those of you who live in really cold places you would probably laugh at my idea of really cold, but the thermometer was struggling to top 8 degrees celsius and the instructions on the paint tin said do not use below 10 degrees. My plastic tent and small heater sort of worked, it was 24 degrees at the top and 11 at the bottom. Anyway the paint went off and the weather is back to around 15 degrees making painting a little less of an ordeal.

To make access a bit easier I’ve been doing the underside of decks and hatches before they are fitted in place.

Underside painting


It's really not yellow!


As I started putting the final finish coats on the inside of the lazarette, I started to worry about my colour choice, fearing it was a lot more yellow than I really wanted. So I took the lazarette hatch which was already finished out into the sun and checked again! All good, but as soon as I took it inside it looked very yellow again. It appears the effect is caused by the green skylight in the warehouse roof. Rest assured it’s a satin off white not a yellow… (I hope)!

Painting a boat is not a comfortable business.

Maybe this could be another berth?


Last Sunday it was Fathers Day, apart from the usual breakfast in bed and gifts of jocks and socks, I decided a show and tell day for the family was needed. So off to the warehouse with Vix and the girls so they could see what I’ve been up to and that steady progress was actually being made.

All are happy the boat is a lot bigger than my last dinghy!


Not quiet the lady of the bow just yet?


I think we'll call this the brig!


Back to it!

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