Posted by: Mike Randall | August 12, 2010

Another Milestone

Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy working on the interior fit out. I’m at the point where I really need to do some painting before I put the deck on. Part of me is looking forward to covering up all the epoxy smear filled gaps and screw holes with a nice off white satin finish, the other part is dreading the sanding prep, coating sanding etc which is the tedium of painting, not to mention the battle with the cold at the moment!

Here is a slightly distorted pic of the interior. I’ve just become addicted to the Photomerge feature in Photoshop!

Interior from above


From the stern


From the bow


As you can see my $60 digital camera doesn’t really take the best of shots, but you get the idea. The internal fit out is all about battens and carlins!

Here are a few detail pics which might be handy for someone trying to interpret the plans.

Laminating the mast stanchion


Check out the wooden clamp at the base I got from a junk shop for $5, it’s now officially the best clamp I own!

Stanchion in place


I’m now a complete convert to peel ply, and use it whenever I want to stop epoxy sagging and running! Makes sanding a breeze! (sort of).

Carling supporting mast base above the stanchion


Inner forward face of the cabin


Under deck support in the bow (above buoyancy chamber)


Underfloor battens in the cabin


I couldn’t cope with the springiness of the cabin sole as it was so I put some underfloor battens in. Solid enough to have a disco on now!

Beams over the rear deck


I put these beams over the rear deck in so I could finish the cockpit carlins that support the deck and cockpit coaming. I only hope I can get the rear lower deck off to paint in that locker!

Cockpit Carlins


There you have it for the moment, let the paint battle begin!


  1. My dad was a cabinet maker and restoration specialist and he had loads of those wooden clamps all of which I now have. All wood including the threaded screws.

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