Posted by: Mike Randall | June 5, 2010

Sheer Clamps

Don’t you love all these salty sea dog terms for a couple of bits of wood that go round the top of the boat!

My wife asked me the other morning what bit of the boat I had been working on the previous evening, I nonchalantly replied “Laminating the Sheer Clamp and fitting some underfloor Battens” I thought she was impressed but really I think she just thought I was being a wanker!

Laminated Sheer Clamp

It took all the clamps I own  to do one lamination per side. The Sheer Clamps are made of two bits of Douglass Fir for each side, I’ve even started marking bits Port and Starboard in stead of left and right, Hmm maybe my wife is right!

I also fitted some battens for fixing a rear… Sorry Aft Stern Quarter side panel that forms the Aft buoyancy tanks, that when completed will extend from Midships to the Stern on both the Port and Starboard sides of the boat… Oh my god it’s a disease, I can’t help myself any more.

Batten on Transom – not on the plans but I'm putting one in anyway!

Another riveting batten pic

I probably could of waited till I actually fit these panels before I did a post, but I think I was sick of the last two whiny posts being first up. This latest stuff has been fun.

I don’t have any dimensions for these two panels on the plans so I’ll be working out their shape with a Tick Stick. I’ve never done that before so I’m looking forward to having a crack at it.


  1. Mike, you are doing a great job. What a great boat. I am working for FV in the US as his plans/kit agent. Hoping to sail a Stir Ven this Fall when I go to France.

    Take care.

    • Hi Clint,

      Thanks for taking an interest in the build. You’ll have to give us all a report on sailing a Stir Ven.

      Thanks Mike

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