Posted by: Mike Randall | May 28, 2010

Emerging from the world of hurt!

Three weeks on and filleting and fiberglassing all the bulkheads and floors continues, and yes it’s a tough task to stump up for!

Actually the filleting and glassing are done and I’m  in the process of sanding, filling and sanding all the glassed fillets. I’ve also been filling any gaps in the  internal plank laps and any nail and screw holes in the planks. It’s not glamorous or much fun, but it wont go away by not doing it, though most of the time I wish it would.

I’ve been fighting the temptation to do something different and start fitting the sheer clamp and floor battens. Though this would be a lot more interesting than what I’m doing, the task at hand would be even worse with those things in the way.

To get through this part of the build I’ve relied on my mantra, “One small task at a time, don’t think to far ahead”. I think that’s a mantra! Whatever, it does seem to work as an approach.

So I got organised and into a rythm that involved about 10 steps:

  1. Start with positive attitude! Lightly sand area to be filleted
  2. Curse when you realise you’ve run out of brushes. Apply unthickened epoxy to the area in question with last sessions petrified rock solid brush
  3. Measure cut and label all fiberglass and Peel Ply. Get annoyed by the bits of glass that want to unravel from the tape.
  4. Mix up a stiff batch of goo and make fillets. Go back to the mixing bench, add more thickener cause the fillets started to sag again.
  5. Have a break and a cup of tea, wander round the hull and wonder if I’m doing this fillet and tape business right. Mentally prepare for the next few steps
  6. Apply fiberglass tape to the tacky fillet and shape with small roller. Swear at the threads of fiberglass that unravel everywhere and stick all over me and the roller
  7. Wet out the tape with epoxy and look on bemused as tape edges curl away from the bulkhead!
  8. Dab on peel ply and try not to get to many air bubbles – get lots of air bubbles
  9. Repeat the above for both sides on 5 bulkheads 5 floors and 1 transom. This equals 21 faces not including the keel and centre case logs, which also got filleted and taped
  10. Remove peel ply on the next visit and despite myself accept that sanding and filling would be much worse without the peel ply.


Get organised


Get as uncomfortable as possible


Smear on the goo


Shape and clean up excess goo. I got quite good at this bit.


Apply the tape


Wet out the tape. Get epoxy all over the camera again


Apply the Peel Ply and marvel at all the little air bubbles!


That’s what I’ve been doing lately.

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