Posted by: Mike Randall | April 24, 2010

Turn Over Day

So finally after what seemed an eternity of sanding, filling, painting, touching up, touching up again and then again… the day had arrived when it was time to turn this thing over.

One thing about painting it gives you plenty of time to think about how to turn a hull over – I had a plan! So this morning me and my able assistants assembled at the warehouse for the turnover.

Last upside down pic

Hopefully the last ever pic of this hull upside down


We laid out an odd assortment of cushions, blankets and carpet to protect my preciously painted hull. Inserted a couple of 2 x 4s and lifted.

insert 2 x 4s

Getting ready for the lift


My dads 70 this year a retired carpenter and still thinks he’s 25. I hope I’m the same when I reach his age.

70 and still going strong.


A brief pause before the roll to check all the paddings in the right place.

Last chance to get the padding right


Time to roll.

Hoping this thing doesn't get away from us!


All good – all going amazingly smoothly.


So from here all went well, we put the 2 x 4s under the sole and lifted everything back on to the building frame.

Lloyd and Pete two of my able assistants, one a cabinet maker the other an advertising copywriter and very able timber surfboard builder took on the task of levelling the hull. This I was more than happy to let them loose on once Lloyd whipped out his laser level.

Two crazy brains and a laser level = level boat!


My other two able assistants daughters Pepa and Indi making sure the two mad professors were getting everything just right.

Quality control assistants


A slightly nervous but incredibly relived builder.

Relived and now very happy builder.


The hull and how she’s meant to look.

Now the fit out begins


Another overall hull pic – because I couldn't help myself.


Many thanks to my avid team of helpers. Trev was off the the horse racers hence the tie!

L to R – Lloyd, Pete, Me, Pepa, Vix, Ned (poodle), Indi and Trev the legend.


All in all a big and incredibly rewarding day. My boat looks better than I could ever have hoped. So instead of being overwhelmed and daunted by the tasks ahead I can’t wait to get stuck into that beam shelf and the floors next week, stay posted more to come.



  1. Great !!
    Now you’ve got a boat.
    Your blue is really good & the idea for the white strip makes longer your boat.


    Linotte is in painting now, we are going to sail in may.


    • Hey Fred,

      Good to hear your still keeping an eye on my progress, I’m putting the floors in at the moment and it’s quiet fiddly. Anyway great to hear Linotte is repaired hopefully no more issues this summer.


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