Posted by: Mike Randall | February 26, 2010

More Hull Stuff

Finishing the hull in preparation for painting continues.

First up I fitted the outer stem which started out fairly straight forward, then I began obsessing about the transition from the stem to the sole, I shaped and sanded, glued bits on removed bits etc etc till I was reasonably happy. Its hard to gauge how fair this transition is with the current clear finish on the hull.

First effort, looked a bit odd after shaping

Second effort

I still wasn’t that happy after shaping this last effort, but then I rolled out the fibreglass for sheathing the sole and garboard and decided it was all going to look okay.

Bottom sheathing before resin wet out

This is the hull after a single coat of penetrating epoxy.

Penetrating epoxy - one coat another to come

Once the fibreglass sheathing was on it was to time to shape and fit the skeg.

Ashleigh T my crew from my previous boat is currently renovating his house, an old weatherboard. These 1920s era houses are a good source of dry old growth Douglass Fir. It seems most roof frames built  in Melbourne Pre the 1950s use lots of Douglas Fir in the rafters, so I grabbed a few before they went into the dumpster!

Old rafters - Gold once you clean them up!

Through the Planer Thicknessor - good as new

The studs cleaned up a treat and are all tight grained old growth ready for a new life in my boat.

Excuse my pics they are a bit dodgy at the moment as I killed the good camera when we were on holiday, so it’s just the phone at the moment till I sort a replacement.

Here is my sequence to make the skeg.


Cleaned up through the thicknesser

In situ ready for scribing to the hull

Scribed to hull shape

Shaped on the bench. Witness cuts to help when planing taper

Ready to be glued and screwed

Making the skeg was an enjoyable break from sanding, filling and fibreglassing the hull. Oh well back to the sander, hopefully next post I’ll have some paint on, getting closer to turn over.


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