Posted by: Mike Randall | February 10, 2010


Planking is finished!  I now actually have a hull, this is a big deal, because for the last 12 months whenever I told anyone I was building a boat and proudly showed them all the unassembled bits they tended to just nod their heads in a good for you kinda way. I think they’ll probably still nod their heads in the same way though as there is still a long way to go.

Planking Completed

Screw Ups Revisited

In an earlier post I mentioned I’d broken some screws off in the Sole when I was glueing it down, I tried unsuccessfully to remove these but gave up and put it into the to hard basket at the time. Well with the planking finished it was time to have another go. Here are some pics of the carnage and fix up.

Enlarged hole and evil screw

I enlarged the hole with a 10mm forstner bit to the depth of the top of the broken screw, then burrowed around the screw with a drill and Dremmel. I broke quiet a few bits and burnt out the Dremmel bit but I got them all out thank god!

Swiss Cheese – Note the evil one inside the Centreboard Case

All plugged up with epoxy and bungs

Screw Ups all fixed and sanded

Over the next few weeks I have the delightful task of filling and sanding all the screw holes I created during the planking process and creating and sanding epoxy fillets on each plank lap.

I'm glad this hull will be painted!

To Do

After the filling and filleting I have to sheath the Sole and Garboard with a layer of fiberglass, create and fit the skeg, fit the outer stem then fair and undercoat the entire hull. I will even paint the hull upto the sheer strake before turnover. Not sure how long all this will take most likely longer than I expect or want…  I’ll keep you posted.


  1. The sweep of the hull from the nose is really nice. Looks great.

    • Cheers Pete

      Don’t draw peoples attention to that bit!!!

      I’ve been staring at this a lot and when I look at how the planks come together I was bit concerned that the last plank looks a lot wider than the one before it as they converge at the stem. I’m hoping this will change when the rub rail goes on as it will cover the top 34mm of the top plank, I might make mine 40mm


  2. You are correct about the rubrail changing the apparent width of the sheerstrake. I had the same concern. It is easy to mock up a short section of rail and clamp it on there to see this, if you haven’t already.

    Sorry to read about the appendicitis whammy.


    • Hi Walt,

      Appendicitis all fixed and now a fading memory. I was checking out the pic of your hull (the epoxy coated one) on Francois site and felt a lot better when I could just see the wider looking plank on your sheer strake, that’s when I figured I hadn’t made a mistake. I hope to glue on the outer stem tonight and glass the bottom before the weekend. How faraway from launch is your boat?


      • In the best case scenario, my Stir Ven will go in the water in April. I’ve had a few health issues myself, which is why the project has gone on so long. A hard effort for finishing up the paint and varnish this month, then a final push for the rig in April. I’ll send a picture.

        Looks like you got the outer stem faired in just right.


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