Posted by: Mike Randall | November 23, 2009


Two posts again…

Garboards On

Finally got the garboards on and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! As I’m not working from a pre cut kit or Mylar films I wasn’t sure if my setup would be accurate enough to work from the plank dimensions supplied in the plans. I thought I might have to spile my planks. So I made a dummy template of the garboards from 5mm MDF and did a trial fit. It seemed to fit reasonably closely to my planking marks but certainly not perfect. I was pleasantly surprised when fitting the 10mm ply planks that they sat a lot more accurately to my planking marks than the the thinner MDF.

MDF Pattern with battens to define shape

To make the plank lengths I had to scarf three full sheets of ply. I made a scarfing jig for a circular saw, I got the idea from the One Ocean Kayak website The jig kinda worked but the results were a bit rough so I went back to hand cutting my scarfs.

Cutting Scarfs

Hmm bit rough and not that accurate

Tried and true method

All glued up

Feathered out a bit of a step in the join!

Planks coated and ready to hang

The twist in the garboards puts a fair bit of force on the stem so I had to brace the stem till both were on.

Stem Bracing

Before putting the planks on I had to cut the bevel in the Sole. I whimped around with a hand plane for about 5min before deciding to just get stuck into it with the power plane. Took about 20 min for each side, came out pretty good if I dont say so myself.

Sole bevels

Planks on and screwed down

Screwed and glued

Underside clamping blocks

My brother helped me hang these planks. I guess you could do it it by yourself but an extra pair of hands made the whole thing a lot easier.

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