Posted by: Mike Randall | November 3, 2009

Centre Case, Keel & Stem

When I came to fit the centreboard case I wasn’t very prepared for how many times I had to lift it, try for fit, take it off, make a small adjustment then try for fit again. This was definitely my gym workout for the week.

I probably made this a little harder for myself because I had pre-installed all the under floor supports and bulkhead battens on the casing. After the sixth try I was happy with the way it was fitting so I slopped a whole lot of epoxy around and slid it into place, screwed it down then tidied everything up.


Centre Board Case in Start Position


Position 2


In position. The first of six attempts!

I was pleased to see everything line up ie battens on the centre case defining floor height with the battens on the bulkheads. This has given me lots of confidence that my set up of the moulds and bulkheads is pretty accurate.

I left everything for a few days so all the epoxy would go off.

Next I fitted the the keel to the stem. I found getting this join tight and accurate, while trying to retain the right waterline and sheer height for the stem quiet fiddily and frustrating. In the end I was probably within a few millimetres and settled for that.


Stem and keel Join


Keel to centre case bulkhead

Fixings continue to perplex me a bit. There is not much info on the plans about length of fixings in specific areas of the hull, so I’ve been going on instinct. I’ve probably overcompensated in some areas, better safe than sorry!

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