Posted by: Mike Randall | October 26, 2009

Bulkheads and moulds are done

Over the weekend I finished setting up the last of the bulkheads and moulds. This whole process was highly satisfying. By the end I finally had a real tangible sense of the size of and overall dimensions of the boat. Now when friends ask or I tell someone I’m building a boat I actually have something that looks like a boat to show for my efforts!

I spent the rest of the afternoon on Saturday making sense of my workspace, organising tools, benches etc so I can work a bit more efficiently.

Finished bulkheads and moulds

Finished bulkheads and moulds

Fixing mould supports

Fixing mould supports

Front view – rough stem position

Front view – rough stem position


  1. Hey Mike-
    I bet your excited now to get some planks laid down!
    Looks like you have some breathing room also.

    • Hi Sean,

      Yeah chomping at the bit to get a plank down, just gotta get the centre case, keel and stem sorted then I’ll be ready to go!

      Cheers Mike

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