Posted by: Mike Randall | October 19, 2009

Space at last – Hull construction begins!

The Warehouse

The Warehouse

No more squeezing around in my tiny shed or lugging stuff to vacant car parks and meeting rooms. I’ve finally moved into a space big enough to build the Titanic – talk about a contrast! Any way I finally feel like I’m building the boat.

The Wooden Boat Centre option turned out to be a no go. This threw my construction plans into a bit of a spin! What happened was I contacted them again when I was ready to begin assembly and somehow the rental of the space had doubled in price!! They wouldn’t negotiate or budge on the monthly fee, so I had to let that option go.

Anyway one door closes and another opens. When discussing my dilemma with a mate he very generously offered a corner of one of his huge warehouses which is about 20min from home. Of course I jumped at the offer and am now happily ensconced in a corner of the newly christened boat building division of Westbury Supplies and Packaging’s toner cartridge recycling warehouse!!!

It’s been a bit of an epic unravelling one workshop and setting up another, but this week I finally got to start assembling the building jig/strongback.

The building Jig

The building Jig

Transom supports

Transom supports

The most interesting part of this process was getting everything square and level. I’ve been looking for an excuse to use a water level (long clear hose stuck in a bucket) for ages. I could never quiet get my head around how it worked until I set it up my self. It worked amazingly well and accurately and only cost about $10 in clear vinyl tubing. This is way cheaper than a laser level and I’ll use it to check the waterline on all the bulkheads and moulds as I set them up.

Water resevior

Water resevior

Mobile levelling stick

Mobile levelling stick

The warehouse where I’m putting the boat together is about 20min from home so I have to be a bit more structured about when I go and work on the boat, as opposed to wandering into the shed anytime at home and noodling around for half an hour.

I can see all the pre manufacture I’ve done is going to come into its own. It only took me about half a day to set up the building jig, as I had everything pre cut and drilled.

I should have all the moulds and bulkheads in place over the next week or so.


  1. Wow! Look at that big open space! I bet you can’t wait to start assembly.

    • Hi Sean,

      So much space that I’ve taken one of the kids Razor scooters to the warehouse just to get from one end to the other!


  2. Hi,
    Great : your building begins now really !
    It seems to be good.

    Have a nice moment with the respect of plans & levels.


    • Hi Fred,

      At Last it’s getting interesting! Hope you’ve had a chance to fix the sole of Linotte.


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