Posted by: Mike Randall | July 27, 2009

Gaff is Finished

Time has been a bit tight of late so it’s been hard to get a lot done. As long as I stay focused on the small projects at hand I wont get overwhelmed by how far I’ve still got to go… Well that’s what I keep telling myself.
Anyway with the small amount of time I’ve had I’ve managed to complete the gaff and jaws. I’m quiet proud of them as making the jaws was quiet convoluted. Here’s the finished thing

Rough jaws out of the Bend-O-matic

Rough jaws out of the Bend-O-matic

I then trimmed them to shape with a jigsaw and did final shaping on an upturned sander.
Final shape

Final shape

Connected to the spar

Connected to the spar

I just need to add some blocks to the spar to hold the gaff wire in place then this mini project is pretty well done ready for the next which will be the boom.


  1. I just found your site .been looking for an open craft
    for sometime now,love the look of yours, have study plans from Gartside,Welsford.Welsford bit small ,Gartside WRC which by my estimation is double the cost compared to Ply.Did you order plans
    from US or France. Did the study plans tell you how much ply and are the plans detailed for there asking price (I believe about 1400 dollars).
    Hope to see more soon.
    Regards Kevin. QLD.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Glad someone from Australia found my site. Sounds like you’ve been looking at similar boats that I did before I settled on The Stir Ven. I ordered my study plans from the designer in France and asked for them as a PDF, he obliged which meant I got them via email pretty much as soon as I ordered them, they cost about AUS $34. They are comprehensive enough to cost all the ply, solid timber and fittings and plan how you would go about your build. When and if you decide to order your plans there are a few options, such as Plans only, Plans + Mylar film or Plans + CNC cutting files. I went the cheapest option plans only AUS$676

      The building plans are very detailed and easy to work from. The only things I’ve had questions about are sizes of fixings and the longitudal dimensions for the skeg. The designer has been very helpful with all my questions.

      All up I think there are about 32 sheets of ply of different thickness and at least 5 are only cheap construction ply. You don’t need to buy it all at once and I’ve still got about 6 sheets to get, but I wont need those till I turn the Hull. At a guess I’ve probably spent about $1600 on ply so far and that’s covered about 80% of what I’ll need.

      I’m currently cutting all the marine ply bulkheads and have all the planking ply ready to scarf. None of this is on the site yet but I’ll post an update soon. If you do decide to build a Stir Ven feel free to ask any questions it would be nice to have another one of these built in Australia.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I’ve visited your blog so many times over the last year I thought I’d post a comment.
    I’m currently on my first build – a morbic 12( also by francois vivier) for my kids, and with no previous woodworking experience it’s been a VERY steep learning curve. Your site has been absolutely invaluable as a source of inspiration and education – your craftsmanship is amazing.
    Wot a masterclass !

    • Hi Paul,
      Glad you’ve found the blog useful, I’ve just been updating the layout today to make it easier to find stuff. Hope your build has gone well.

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