Posted by: Mike Randall | May 20, 2009

The spar table

Just noticed it’s been a few weeks since my last post, sometimes you just run out of time. Anyway I’ve been busy! The rudder and tiller etc are essentially finished… well not really its just lots of fiddly bits to get it all working, I’ll post some more about that soon.

But in the mean time I decided I’d start on the spars, oars and scull. Most normal people seem to do this at the end after the hull is built, but I know I’ll be impatient to go sailing by then and will ignore building the oars in the rush to go sailing, it will then become one of those jobs that never gets done.

I built a spar making table in the skinny shed. I made it so the table rails will be reused on the hull strong back. I’ve read about scarf joints so many time I thought I’d give it a go to get the rail lengths. These have been made up from a 5metre and 2metre beam 8:1 scarf.

Not much room left in here. Stuff keeps falling on my head or tripping me up!

Spar table frame

Spar table frame

While I was building this table I was getting pricing for the Oregon to build the Spars. What an epic! I tried all sorts of specialist timber suppliers and wholesalers without much luck. In the end I’ve narrowed it down to “The Wooden Boat Shop” these guys build Couta Boats and have spar grade Oregon that they can mill to my specs or “Just Wood” these guys are Oregon importers and have very tidy pricing, I’ll just have to go there and sort through what will best suit my needs. I’ll post some pics of this adventure when I’m done.

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