Posted by: Mike Randall | April 5, 2009

The Stem

After drawing up lots of templates for moulds and bulkheads I thought I should actually start building something!. The plans recommend building the stem before setting up the moulds so I started here. I made a laminating mould which is pretty self explanatory from the pics. Then I ripped and thicknessed 16 strips of Oregon to 5mm thick to epoxy glue together.


The fancy pantsy lamating jig

I did the inner mould first, then put some packing tape between it and the outer mould so I could separate them.


Clamping the inner and outer stem in one hit

I did this just before Xmas 08 and then went on a holiday with the family for a few weeks. I left everything on the mould while we were a way. This length of time on the mould turned out to be quite good, as when I got back and took everything off there was no spring-back at all.

Shapping the stem bevel.

The plans indicate where this bevel is and how it varies. I marked it up added some guide cuts and got stuck into it with my hand plane. It came out quite good if I don’t say so and was relatively quick. This was a relief as I was a bit apprehensive about getting this right! I guess I won’t completely know till I set it up on the strong-back. There is a bit of room to further refine the bevel once I begin planking.


Bevel guide cuts


Planing the bevel


I'm guessing this will be allright


I’ll put that aside for now until I set up the moulds and bulkheads.

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