Posted by: Mike Randall | March 28, 2009

Where to start now?

I didn’t intend to do much with the moulds and bulkheads for a while because I don’t have the space yet and there are a few major components to build first like:
• Laminated Stem
• Centre Case
I also decided I would build the centre board, rudder, tiller components, mast, boom,gaff, oars and strongback before I embarked on building the hull.
Main reason being they all fit in my skinny workshop and will hopefully speed up the fit out and completion of the boat once the hull is underway.


  1. Hey Mike,
    I just found your blog.
    I finished my Stir Ven last year. Perhaps have you seen my blog :
    If you want details on my building period, don’t hesitate !!

    Good luck from Britanny !!!


    • Hey Fred,

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Your blog is fantastic, exactly what I’ve been hoping to find and do with my blog.

      I’ve been working away in isolation down here in Australia so I have plenty of build questions to ask.

      I’m still learning how to set up and organise my WordPress blog, I was trying to keep it quiet till I had more entries and pics, but you’ve just spurred me on to get it sorted fast.

      My French is terrible, so I’ll have to put my questions to you in English (sorry). Looks like your build started in about 2006? and launched in September 2008? I hope you’ve found it to be a fun boat to sail.

      Look forward to corresponding further on this build


      • I started my builf in februray 2005 in Britanny. I lived on the atlantic coast and I was dreaming on traditionnal breton wooden boat. I found François Vivier in the Chasse Marée magazine & call him after a little moment.
        I started really the build in may of 2005 in buying ply woods and few massive woods.
        After 3 fantastic years (the build gave me a great satisfaction) : 750 hours, we launched last year Linotte on a lake.
        Then, we tried her on the ocean only one time just before a accident in novembre (see the blog). After a very windy night, the mooring ropes broke. 4 month after, I just keep her last week to finish paints.
        We will sail next week with friends.

        It’s a great boat, very fast but safe.

        Enjoy your build.
        Ask me more if you want. François can ask you to.

        PS we are creating the Stir Ven Owner’s Association. If you want to join, tell me.


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