Posted by: Mike Randall | March 28, 2009

Oregon or Douglas Fir?

Although the bulk of this boat is built from marine ply, there is quite a bit of other timber required. I’ve opted for Oregon as it’s called in Aus or more usually known as Douglas Fir in the States and Europe.

My main source will be salvage Oregon except for the mast, boom and any other long clear finished bits. I currently have about 5 lengths that are about 70mm x 250mm x 5000m that I’ve picked up from building demolitions either for free or for a few dollars.

This is the type of timber I’ve been getting a hold of

Salvage Oregon

Salvage Oregon


My Milling set up

This is my light weight milling set up in the office carpark. Nothing expensive or special but it gets the job done.


Dont try this in the kitchen

The aftermath of a busy afternoon milling strips for the stem, centre case logs and keelson.


  1. This is interesting. I never knew that wood was called Oregon anywhere.

    That’s where we live, in the state of Oregon. And where a greater part of Douglas fir used to come from.

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