Posted by: Mike Randall | March 28, 2009

Drawing Templates

I think I got my study plans sometime around April 08, but I got very busy with work for the next few months and had to put boat building on the backburner. It wasn’t till about September 08 that I ordered my plans.

I started  by drawing half patterns of the moulds and bulkheads onto 3mm MDF. I was able to cut this material with a sharp Stanley knife and lightly sand any bumps. This was all pretty straight forward and could easily have been avoided If I’d bought the CAD files or Mylar versions of the plans.

I enjoyed this process though and by studying the plans so intently I got quiet a good understanding of the boat and how it would be built.

This is me drawing away on my MDF at the kitchen bench late into the evening

Lofting in the kitchen


 I often listened to the Furled Sail Podcasts while drawing away, they have some great interviews and discussions with small boat builders, sailors and designers.

Tools of the trade

My finished templates ready to trace onto Marine ply

Templates in the Driveway


  1. Hi Mike

    I am going to build a Stir Ven too, and for most of the reasons you mentioned in terms of your choice for a build. Also like you I’m ‘down under’ (Sydney).

    ..But I’m at the beginning! I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions offline wrt the sailing characteristics and other bits and bobs to help me on my way!


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